Pick up & delivery locations

Pick up & delivery locations

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Our white glove delivery service handles pickup, delivery and assembly so you don't have to lift a finger. We currently service the Northeast (NY, NJ, CT, PA, DE) and the San Francisco Bay Area. We also allow users to coordinate pick up and delivery themselves.

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Our team will notify you when they’re en route to you (about 15-45 minutes before arrival). Once they arrive, the team will check the item for any scratches, stains, smells, discoloration or pets that weren’t mentioned in the listing. They’ll also measure, since we know that in New York every inch counts. If the item doesn’t match the listing, we’ll notify you right away (with pictures) for your approval.



Once your item is verified, our team will take pictures and ask for a signature. No receipt necessary—the pictures and your signature are stored safely in our delivery software. We’ll do any necessary disassembly and wrap each piece securely and safely for transport. Then we’re out of your hair!



Our team will notify you when they’re en route to you—about 15-45 minutes before arrival. Once we arrive, we'll handle any necessary reassembly and place your furniture right where you want it. From there, we’ll take a picture, ask for your signature, remove any materials or boxes and leave you to enjoy your new furniture!

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