Our money back guarantee

Our money back guarantee

If you’re not happy with your purchase,

We’ll work with you to resolve your issue

We’ll issue a refund for items that fall under these categories

Wrong item
Missing item
Item doesn't match listing

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Send a dispute request

After delivery, buyers have 24 hours to submit a dispute request for returns or partial refunds. Payments are automatically sent to sellers after 24 hours, and we can no longer hold them responsible for any discrepancies. To halt payment and give AptDeco appropriate time to investigate, you must submit this request within 24 hours.


Give us the deets

Send us a description of the issue, photos and/or video capturing that the item was not as advertised. Don’t hold back, we can take it. The more evidence, the quicker we can resolve.


We’ll mediate

To make sure the dispute process is fair, we’ll get photos and additional info from our delivery team and the seller. This information includes: a description of the item’s condition at pickup/dropoff, photos, and signatures.


We’ll evaluate

Because we’re a marketplace, we have to respect both parties, which requires consultation between the buyer, seller, and delivery team. From beginning to end, this usually takes about 5-7 business days. We’ll weigh all evidence and come to a fair resolution.


Dispute resolved!

We’ll notify both parties of our decision and propose next steps. If we determine your ordered item isn’t as described, we’ll give you the choice of a full/partial refund. (P.S. don’t worry, we always provide context as to why we reached our decision. Full transparency, always!)

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Hands on resolution

Our staff is 100% human and we’re here to help. We’re available by phone and email to help talk through any concerns or issues

No-cost resale

If you decide you don't like an item you've received even though it's the right piece, we'll help you to resell it through AptDeco—and we'll waive our sellers' fees to help you earn back your expenses. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Just list within 30 days of receiving the item and let us know when it sells. We’ll refund your seller fees.

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Why are sales final?

Once you submit a request for purchase, the seller removes their item from the market. That means they lose the ability to sell it to anyone else. Missing the opportunity to sell an item can be very problematic for a seller, as they are often in a time crunch before a big move. Before selecting an item it's important to be confident in your purchase.

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